Healthcare Investors Forum


01 Nov 2017

Starting at 10am


Istanbul, Turkey


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Overview of the event

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Ambitious healthcare infrastructure projects are driving Turkey’s healthcare industry creating a centre of attention for major investors. Region’s enormous healthcare facility infrastructure projects have not only been driving the significant increase in demand for medical devices and technology but creating the major opportunity for international manufacturers looking for new markets.

By witnessing how intelligent health transforms health service delivery, it is clear that promise in Healthcare Transformation Services is enormous. The IT potential has been recognised for its innovative approach to improving health, addressing healthcare costs and improving the patient experience.

Medical tourism is a key factor to boost Turkey’s private hospital business increasing their revenues from international patients. But what is the ideal strategy for medical tourism in Turkey and how to stand out to win international patients’ trust?

Join our Inaugural Turkey Healthcare Investment Forum in Istanbul to investigating areas of highest investment in the health sector in Turkey. From building tomorrow’s health centres, through equipment, IT services through investment options and partnerships, this event will equip you with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience to know which investment opportunities are the best fit for your investment strategy.

Programme Highlights

International investment trends in healthcare

Planning and development of healthcare services and facilities

Private Equities as a mean of finance

New standards in healthcare medical technology innovation, e-health, IT

What is the ideal strategy for medical tourism in Turkey and how to build a global brand?

Smarter Healthcare

Equipping medical facilities in Turkey and worldwide - best practices

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